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Compusoft Australia, in close partnership with some of Australia’s leading food distribution companies, has created a software solution that simplifies your processes and resolves the standard issues experienced in the food distribution industry today.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV + FoodSoft is an end to end solution that replaces your multiple systems and provides you with a singular location for business management. The data is live. The data is accurate. Your processes are streamlined and efficient."


  • Pantry List in Sales with 16 weeks Sales History
  • The Pantry Lists get updated online instantaneously
  • Fast order-entry via the improved Pantry List screen
  • Random Weights/Unit of Measure
  • Reward Points
  • Customers global and individual comments for:
  • Statement/Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Option to Display Outstanding $amount on Invoice
  • Minimum GP%
  • Enforce Customer Minimum GP%
  • Rebates
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses with own
  • Delivery Runs
  • Packing /Dropping Sequences
  • Option to have Separate Runs and Packing Sequence for Frozen run
  • Freight Charges
  • None/Dollars/Percentage
  • Email Document Distribution - unlimited number of assignments per document


  • Purchase Pantry List with 16 weeks Purchases & Sales History
  • The Pantry List gets updated in real-time.
  • Reward Program Vendor
  • Reward Program Target
  • Reward Points
  • Ordering Cycle
  • Rebates
  • Email Document Distribution - unlimited number of assignments per document


  • Random Weight
  • Random Weight Unit of Measure
  • Nominal/Minimum/Maximum
  • Item Category
  • Product Group
  • Multiple Warehouse Class Code
  • Brand
  • Clearance Flag
  • Run out of stock Flag
  • Minimum GP%
  • Reward Points per Kg
  • Reward Item Flag
  • Reward start and end date
  • Vendor Reward Target
  • Buy-in Purchasing Code
  • 16 Weeks Sales History
  • 16 Weeks Purchase History
  • Option to auto calculate customer prices on changes in supplier cost
  • Product GTIN Inner
  • Product GTIN Outer
  • Web Item Flag
  • Show Inventory on Web Flag
  • Layer Qty
  • Pallet Qty
  • Pack Size


  • Fast order-entry via Pantry List screen
  • Each sales line displays 16 weeks Sales in History in pane
  • Below GP% Approval status
  • Random Weight/Unit of measure
  • Search by Item Description and Customer Name
  • Option to Auto generate warehouse shipments on release of Sales order


  • Fast PO entry via Pantry List
  • PO Worksheet - Filtered by:
  • Purchasing Cycle
  • Purchaser Code
  • Items
  • Item Category
  • Brand
  • Warehouse Class Code
  • By Location (if multiple locations)
  • Facility to forecast ahead for a number of Days/Weeks/Months
  • Compare with history for number of Days/Weeks/Months
  • Worksheet will provide information for:
  • Last 3 months/Last Month/MTD sales History
  • Current Suppliers Cost
  • Stock Availability
  • Qty on Sales Orders
  • Qty on Purcahse Orders
  • Average daily sales for the specified history
  • System Suggests qty to ORDER
  • Auto Generate Purchase orders and email to suppliers.


  • Auto Generation of Claims for:
  • Damaged Stock - From Supplier
  • Damaged Stock - by us
  • Reject Stock - returned with truck
  • Non-Conforming stock (dates and or Temperature)
  • Auto update purchase orders with break-up of type of qty received
  • Individual Picking Slips
  • Wave Picking
  • Loading Sheet
  • Unloading Sheet
  • Drivers Manifest


Discover a business system that is exclusively designed by and for the Food Wholesale Industry!


Get in touch with Compusoft Australia today to see where we can increase efficiency and save time and money for your business.


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