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5 Strategies for Empowering Your Sales Team

5 Strategies for Empowering Your Sales Team

Evangelise your products and services

Most experts estimate that over 60% of the buyer’s journey has happened before ever speaking to a rep. This is largely due to the internet which has an abundance of information.

Ensure your sale team and business’ digital footprint work together to preach the value of your offerings. Encourage them to post on platforms such as LinkedIn to spread the word.



Internal Competition

Salespeople by nature are competitive beasts. Consider how you can maximise their natural ambition. Be transparent on budgets, actual numbers and provide live data to them to allow self-aware monitoring of their own progress. Ensure your software is capable of this to avoid time consuming manual report collation.



For those of you that have salespeople on the road, empower them through cloud-based software or apps that provide real-time information that not only allows them to speak with assuredness and intelligence with a client about how they can be the supplier of choice but also provide you, as the business driver, the tools to monitor their utilisation and productivity.



Customers love a bargain. It’s the salesperson’s job to create the perception of a bargain whilst maintaining margin and therefore profitability. Use mobile software to both allow the salesperson to vary pricing to secure the sale but also restrict their ability to breach margin limits that you put into place in your ERP system.



How often do you find out too late that a client’s buying patterns have changed and that your bottom line has taken a hit? If your software is not agile and designed for insights such as these it is an impediment to your business’ growth. Make sure your salespeople have the tools to prompt the conversations with clients before the molehill becomes a mountain and before your competitor gets a foot in the door.


There are many more factors that go into creating a healthy, energised sales culture but we hope these 5 strategies can help guide you along the right path.

Obviously, an important part of this strategy involves having business software that’s perfect for your sales reps out on the road not only providing real-time data but a way of increasing spend and margin.

If you’re looking for a better business software solution, get in touch with us to start a conversation.


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